The Mask-Animated Series (1995-1996) CBS

Stanley Ipkiss and Milo are back for more adventures with the Mask . . . only now they're animated! Check out the continuing craziness of one of America’s favorite characters!

56 episodes (1995-1996)


Executive Producers: Joe Bacal, Bob Friedman, Tom Griffin, C. J. Kettler, Mike Richardson, Phil Roman

Supervising Producer: ?Michael A. Swanigan



Rob Paulsen: Stanley Ipkiss/The Mask (voice)

Tim Curry: Pretorius (voice)

Jim Cummings: Detective Doyle, Joe Blow/Kablamus, War Machine, Colonel Beauregard Klaxon (voice)

Tress MacNeille: Mrs. Peenman (voice)

Kevin Michael Richardson: Mayor Mortimer Tilton (voice)

Neil Ross: Lt. Mitch Kellaway (voice)

Heidi Shannon: Peggy Brandt (voice)

Ben Stein: Dr. Arthur Neuman (voice)

Mark L. Taylor: Charlie Schumaker (voice)

Frank Welker: Milo, Baby Forthwright, Riptide, Government Guy (voice)